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7.90 EUR 4.90 EUR
Content: 10 ml
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4
Propan-2-OL - CAS 67-63-0

With the Rush White Edition Poppers, get the freshest and strongest poppers made by the original Rush PWD manufacturers. The creators of great, potent and long-lasting aromas will power up your sex drive for some great new sensations during your popperbate or fisting session!

In the Rush White Edition, you will find a Power Pellet, this molecular sieve looks like a ball and helps absorb ambiant humidity to keep your poppers as fresh as possible even after repeated openings. To conserve it even better, don't forget to put your poppers in the fridge!

If you love big sextoys, popperbation or if your partner is on the huge side, poppers help you relax and enjoy less pain during anal sex, so try the new Rush White Edition poppers. Made with incredibly strong Isopropyl nitrite, you will experience great relaxation and the best sensations when you open the bottle!

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