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Push Monster Cock - The Beast 12 inch Flesh
39.90 EUR
The Beast from Push Production is a gigantic cock with a length of 30,5 cm. This dildo convinces with an unforgettable length, a proud diameter and a sexy vein structure.

Wash before the first use thoroughly with soap and warm water, and then dry it well. The strong suction cup holds on all smooth surfaces such as tiles, parquet floors, table tops, door frames, bathtubs, etc. and allows a hands-free use.

Lube the dildo according to your needs and let the rounded glans penetrate.

The material feels naturally. It can be bend and squeezed. Furthermore it is latex-free and contains no toxic substances such as cadmium, lead or even phthalate.

The testicles are nice and snug and form a pleasant end stop.

The Beast brings deep satisfaction and overwhelming stimuli.

Length of shaft: ca. 26 cm (10.2")
Total length: ca. 30,5 cm (12")
Diameter: ca. 60 mm (2.36")
Material: PVC
Color: Natural

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