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8.90 EUR 6.90 EUR

Content: 100 ml
Price per 1 litre: 89,00 EUR

Rush Lube - the most advanced innovation finally hits European lubricant shelves. Made in Germany and formulated from a selection of the highest quality and dermatologically tested ingredients, Rush Lube is free from preservatives and a sizzling guarantor for a sensual, silk-like slide and a natural feeling. A handy one-hand pressure cap ensures the lubricant is put to action quick and smooth.

Rush Lube is rich, well-tolerated by all skin types and leaves your most intimate parts feeling soft, silky and longing for more. Whether alone or with your partner: Rush Lube adds some dazzling spice to your sex life. Join in the fun:

- Handy one-hand pressure cap
- Made in Germany
- well-suited for condoms made out of latex
- non-sticky and moisturising
- colourless and odourless
- free from preservatives and taste
- free from oil and perfume
- dermatologically tested

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