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Push Monster Cockring - Donut Triple Set
9.90 EUR 6.90 EUR
This set forces the blood in your cock to a rock hard erection.

The Monster Donut Triple Set from Push Production consists of three equally large penis rings in different colors. They fit well on your shaft, at the base and around the testicles. These rings are a bit too strong for the glans, but strong calibers may also profit here.

Thanks to the many possibilities it is always an exciting pleasure to play with this cockring-set.

The cock rings are very sturdy and do not break down when stretching. Even 10cm diameter are no problem - fits every man.

Profile: ca. 8,5 mm (0.3")
Inner diameter: ca. 17 mm (0.7")
Outer diameter: ca. 34 mm (1.3")
Material: TPE
Color: Black, Blue, Clear

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